Nanovectors may be used for marking of a wide range of products such as documents, ID cards, access cards and employee cards, spare parts, elements of packaging, liquids, greases etc. NANOVECTORS™ allows for embedding of a security in the entire volume of products during their production process, pressing in a specified location of an object after production or unique printing on the object. Nanovectors are most often manufactured as invisible security features and, therefore, special tools are necessary to detect their presence.

We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of detectors, ranging from simple methods and equipment allowing for verification of presence of a security feature only to advanced solutions, which use NANOVECTORS™ idea and allow for verification of numerous parameters of nanovector “fingerprints”. Therefore, it is not only the presence of a security feature that is important, but also a unique code of the security. It is practically impossible to fake the solution. We also dispose of modern technologies of verification of our security features in online system also with the use of a generally available IT infrastructure.