NANOVECTORS™ technology offered by the company is a comprehensive solution, which includes unique nanovectors for security of valuable objects, dedicated equipment for reading of the same and verification methods. Nanovectors have a complex and unique spectrum resulting from composition of various nanoluminophors. A method of composition of the basic nanoluminophors, their type and substrates used make any attempt to fake a spectral code practically impossible. Nanovectors constitute a special code enabling correct identification only for specified measurement conditions.

A designed code becomes a "fingerprint" in the entire volume of the marked area, which, due to the nanosize of luminophore particles is difficult to remove mechanically (increased resistance to, e.g. abrasion). When introduced into the volume of a secured matrix and due to chemical resistance of selected chemical compounds, it does not even change at high temperatures (even up to 1200°C) and in case of exposure to reactive chemical substances (gases, acids, alkalis). Additionally, we offer nanocomposite securities combining optical, magnetic and electric properties.