"We stay on guard for protect your valuable items"

A company’s reputation is built by years of hard work, investments in research, advertising, development and improvement of products... Dishonest competition in the market and counterfeiting of documents and faking of brand products not only decreases a company’s revenues, but it also decreases reliability in its customers’ and users’ eyes.

Therefore the NANOVECTORS™ company aims at provision of refined, well-thought-out and comprehensive solutions for securing and verification of authenticity of documents and brand products. We offer a wide spectrum of various security methods for documents and products as well as methods and tools for verification of the same.

"If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favorable to him".

We are going to be a leading company providing diversified and highest quality technology methods of securing of documents, banknotes and brand products. Based on long years experience of the team, NANOVECTORS offers unique and patented solutions and the highest quality of personalized services.

The directions of development of company are determined by our vision to become a local and world's leading company, which, by offering attractive products and high standards of work, will also determine trends of development for the security sector. Consequently, by the end of the decade we will become one of the most dynamically developing companies in our sector with the most qualified team and significant market share.